System Preferences

First thing you need to do, on any OS actually, is update the system! For that: Apple Icon > App Store > Software Update.

If this is a new computer, there are a couple tweaks you would like to make to the System Preferences. Feel free to follow these, or to ignore them, depending on your personal preferences.

Users and Groups

  • Login Options-> Change fast switching user menu to Icon
  • Set up Password, Apple id, Picture , etc.


  • Point & Click
    • Enable Tap to Click with one finger
    • Change secondary click to right corner
    • Uncheck three finger drag
  • Scroll and Zoom
    • Uncheck all apart from Zoom in and out


  • Toolbar
    • Update to add path, new folder and delete
  • Sidebar
    • Add home and code directory
    • Remove shared and tags
    • New finder window to open in the home directory
  • Remove the display and bluetooth icons
  • Change battery to show percentage symbols


  • Uncheck fonts, images, files etc.
  • Uncheck the keyboard shortcuts as we'll be replacing them with Alfred.


  • Add an iCloud account and sync Calendar, Find my mac, Contacts etc.

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